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Out of all the things you could be scrolling through right now, I'm grateful and honored you stopped to connect with me.

I’m Nadia Salamanca, NinjaMama to two boys, transformational media producer, and purpose driven entrepreneur. I know it’s a mouth full, but I hope you’re intrigued to know more. When I became a mom, it was a dream come true and the greatest blessing of my life. By the time my first son was 7, I had unconsciously become… a mombie! I had stopped journaling, meditating, exercising, dancing, playing and creating. I was caring for everyone BUT me.

These very practices I had used to triumph over intense challenges in my past, like half my hair falling out and my boyfriend being murdered, (more on this another time) I let fall by the wayside. Despite all I had overcome and the miraculous humans I just created and birthed, it was like I had fallen asleep to who I truly was and the power I had within. I was stuck.

It all came to a head when my house, business and every physical possession I owned was consumed by the Southern California Thomas Fire in 2017. This was the shake up my soul had been longing for. Not only did the flames set fire to my external world, but they ignited a fire inside of me.

It reawakened my passion to empower mothers and women to LIVE A LIFE ON FIRE no matter what the circumstances. It was a catalyst to share all my knowledge from decades of my own self healing and discovery. Suddenly, the wisdom I had vicariously received through my profession as a producer, a position that granted me rare access to some of the world’s most renown scientists, relationship experts, philosophers and entrepreneurs, was fully activated within me. And it’s now my purpose to share it all with you.

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